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Every time I find people who breath passion and who have the ability to move something in others, it seems to me that life has a true meaning. I feel a thrill of joy and delight and I wish I was such a person too, even for one other, 0.05%. This is how I remembered what was the purpose of this blog, from the beginning: it was the place where I was writing about what brought me declicks, where I was telling stories that inspired me, the place where I was trying to match pieces from a puzzle and to find solutions to all sorts of questions more or less complicated. Everything, for me and for people like me – and this was actually another goal – to discover people with the same conviction that passion means everything and the same enthusiasm found in whatever manner they had chosen to speak to the world.

In the last months I forgot why I was writing for, I didn`t seem to find any utility in this and I wasn`t going to start again any time soon, until it would have felt right again. And today … Everything cam back to me! I remembered what an effect may have a simple answer, a speech, a person known to an exhibition or a text read at the exactly right time. I remembered that ideas that don`t give us peace for days often need to be pushed to turn into decisions, I remembered how helpful can be to realize when you feel alone that there are many others as confused / sad / undecided / scared as you are. I remembered that things where I put passion don`t have to die, because they are so rare and so precious. So I will go on.

What inspired me was the Talk below and especially the passion with what Sarah speaks. She is a 23 years old young girl, who believes and promotes Spoken Word poetry, an absolutely beautiful form of writing. Throughout the entire speech she is in the flow and she makes me feel that she is right where she wants to be and she`s playing with words in a delicious way, because they represent her. This is what happens when you’ve found your way: everything becomes simple, because you’re “from the picture”, you start to afford to pay attention to every little detail, because the big picture is already solved. Sarah is talking about how she started to learn about Spoken Word poetry, about how easy is for people to express themselves through this accessible to anyone form of art. And this is because everyone has their own stories, of pure authenticity, when they are put on paper. Just watch the video, you will understand what I mean! Thanks, Nico, because I’ve met Sarah! 🙂

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