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My vision is a world where human beings are guided from within and use inspiration and the mind-heart alignment for everything they do. 

I want a world where masculine and feminine adore each other and respect each other at the same time. Because each of them has its role and gifts.

I am building day by day a community formed by conscious and authentic people, who live life with joy and courage and who know they are the Creators of their lives, connected to soul and intuition. We are much more that we believe at first glance and each of us has his own inside Master who can guide them. 

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success stories

What my clients say:

  • Mihai Ghita

    The coaching sessions with Anca brought me to that necessary pivoting point for keeping the focus on what is important, when it is important. Working with her, I gained clarity, a new energy and I was more performant. Together we managed to access that pure energy that brings inspiration, creativity, trust and the power to go for the desired goals. Always a joy to work & grow with you!
    Head of Business Continuity & Crisis Management
  • Armina Sirbu

    In a one hour session with Anca, I gained the clarity I was looking for. I am very glad she didn't give me ideas or resources to study - even more noise. She have me peace 🙂 She guided the process naturally and was exactly what I needed. I found my solutions and the clarity I was searching for some time by myself unsuccessfully.
    Digital Learning Architect
  • Petre Birlea

    When I started the coaching sessions with Anca, I was feeling overwhelmed of how many things I had on my plate vs how much time and energy I had. After 4 sessions, I was not just calm, but I was also clear: what I need to do, which are my priorities and where to start. I closed some "parentheses" that were dragging for years. The coaching sessions are effective even today, because I changed my lifestyle a bit (I formed a team, I started to delegate much more). I truly recommend her, she is a professional, with a very equidistant attitude, a presence and a clarity you don't find very often.
    Marketer Digital
  • Ioana Daraban

    The coaching sessions with Anca brought me the peace I needed in order to go further with my projects. I was feeling stuck in the never ending game of postponing and I was feeling I had a big bag with residuals carrying with me. Anca managed to make me understand that it was ok to leave it down, not to judge myself anymore and make space for them in my daily schedule. Also, I created my ideal routine and I am confident I will be able to follow it.
  • Roxana Gica

    The coaching sessions with Anca brought me clarity about what topics really interes me and made me aware of many aspects in my life that were unseen until now. I was impressed by the way she managed to make me "hear" what I say and, especially, by the questions she addressed, because I was surprised by the answers I gave. After the sessions, I will always have a "mirror" to see myself into, to see who I am, where I am and what I want to do to get where I desire. Thank you!
    Sales Specialist


I can't wait to meet in one of the experience I created
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Develop your brand in a complex program with concrete tools, homeworks, constant feedback and a warm community.

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Storytelling & Online Content

Learn to write powerful stories, which captivate and ignite emotion, for social media and your blog

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Managing stress & resilience

Discover how your brain is working and what are the tools you can use to go into a calm space whenever you need

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