My 2011 dreams

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I`m feeling very inspired, even if it is 2 in the morning and I know I should be already asleep:) And this is because I have finished my objectives/my dreams for this year. This time, I haven`t written them separately on different fields, but I have just thought what I would like to happen to me in 2011. They are few – just 6, but they are powerful. I have been looking for representative photos also, that could reflect what is on my mind when I think to each of them. I have chosen them with my heart, I let her choose her way. I have now some pages full of colour, emotions and dreams. It`s beautiful, and the pictures have made me very joyful.  I have written them as if they had been made reality, certain that I will have them all checked in the end. It is a very useful advice (thank you Tudor!) to find some relevant pictures for your dreams, because they make them alive and very credible. I will print them and I will put them n my room, visible, to remind me every day what I want to make reality. I put 2 of them here too, as a teaser:) 2011, here I come!


What are your dreams for 2011?

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